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Is Your Honey Raw and Pure? Here’s How You Can Check

Raw honey is known for its many nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains healthy bee pollen, bee propolis and helps in reducing oxidative stress in the body.

However, the honey you buy in stores isn’t raw. It has molasses and corn syrup to extend its shelf-life and enhance flavor.

So, how can we tell if a jar of honey is pure and unadulterated? This blog will help you out.

Check its Texture and Taste

You can tell by the texture and the taste of the honey if it’s pure. Real honey tends to be thick, which means it doesn’t trickle down. On the other hand, adulterated honey is very runny. This is because it has additives like molasses and glucose.  You can try this out by tilting the jar and seeing how fast it runs down to the other side.

Moreover, real honey won’t feel sticky when you press it between your fingers, but adulterated honey tends to be sticky because of sweeteners.

When eating, you’d notice that real honey only tastes sweet at first—the aftertaste is almost salty.

Check its Smell and Color

Real honey smells mild and often has a hint of a floral scent. If the honey has been pasteurized, the smell will change because of the heating and cooling. Fake honey has no smell at all, so be wary of a jar of honey that has no smell.

Darker-colored honey also has higher levels of antioxidant and flavonoid contents.

Do the Heat Test

This is a reliable test to check if your honey is pure.

Real honey tends to caramelize when heated and turns into a thick paste. It also doesn’t get any bubbles when heated. On the other hand, impure honey bubbles but doesn’t caramelize. It may also stick to the bottom of the container.

Test with Vinegar and Water

Take some of your honey and mix it with a few drops of water and vinegar. If it’s pure, nothing will happen to it. But if it’s adulterated, your honey may foam.

You can also check by mixing some honey in a glass of water. Real honey won’t float or mix instantly—it will sink at the bottom of the container in a lump. Pure honey will only dilute in the water after you spend some time stirring it. Adulterated honey will dissolve instantly, sometimes even before you get a chance to stir.

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Test with Ants

Interestingly, ants are attracted to adulterated honey because of the high content of sugar in it. Pure honey has a high content of nutritious components that ants don’t like as much. So, if you leave a little honey spilled on your kitchen slab, and you find ants all over it, then it’s not the purest sample of honey.

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