How Is Wild Honey Harvested?

Are you someone who wants to learn how to collect honey from your own bee colony? Well, first you need to establish a honey bee colony. Then, you can start collecting honey! Here’s a detailed guide on how bee hunters harvest all natural honey.

Say No to Unrealistic Expectations

Yes, having a source of honey sounds super cool, but you shouldn’t keep unrealistic expectations about honey production. For example, you should know that honey isn’t made throughout the year. In fact, bees don’t have any excess honey until the second year. The number of flowers you have may also impact honey production — if there aren’t many flowers, the honey production may not be great.

a man holding honeycomb with bees

Honey Bees and the Honey

Honey bees work very hard to make honey from nectar. The honey is then stored in the beehive where the bees use it as a food source during cold weather. But they almost always create extra honey which you can extract.

What to Keep in Mind Before Harvest

Don’t just go to the beehive to harvest the honey without first taking precautionary measures including proper clothing and equipment. It’s also a good idea to first observe the process with an experienced beekeeper because bees aren’t going to be very eager about giving up their food.

Tips for Harvesting Honey

You have to become a monument of patience during this process. Be gentle, and move calmly. Don’t wear any colognes, perfumes, or aftershaves, and do your best not to stir the bees into a panic state.

Here’s how to collect honey from the hive:

  • Beekeepers use extra hive boxes in strong bee colonies. Once these are filled up and sealed by the bees, you can harvest them.
  • When you are harvesting, just take the excess. This is their winter food and you don’t want to starve the bees.
  • Use a fume board to harvest honey. Its inside should be sprayed with a non-toxic solution that will make the bees move away.
  • Now, you can remove the honey box without much disturbance.

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