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How to Check the Purity of Your Honey?

Finding pure honey has become a hassle. The honey market, although growing at a steady rate, has become infiltrated with fake products that carry additives and preservatives. Many big names have been caught modifying raw honey by pasteurizing it and diluting it with high-fructose corn syrup or altering the sugars chemically to resemble honey.

So, in a market full of fake honey products, how do you find out you’re getting pure, wild honey that’s full of nutrition?

Here are some honey tests you can do to check the purity of the honey you just bought.

Examine Honey before Your Purchase It

Wherever you are in the world, know your region’s/country’s honey purity laws. Some countries have regularized standards that require the mentioning of added substances, while others may have no laws or regulations. Knowing this will let you know whether you can trust the honey labels in your grocery store or not.

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Always Check the Label, but Don’t Trust It

Check the brand and logo of the bottle you’re buying. Look at the list of ingredients as well. Pure honey has only one ingredient: honey. However, this doesn’t mean the manufacturer hasn’t added any other preservatives. They may just not mention it on the label.

Conduct At-Home Tests

Here are some at-home honey purity tests that you can conduct. Keep in mind that although they can prove certain ingredients aren’t added to your honey, the tests can’t tell the complete purity levels of the honey you’ve bought.

Add a Spoon of Honey to Warm Water

In doing so, if the honey is mixed with sugar syrup, it will dissolve in water. If the honey is raw, it’ll form a solid lump and sink in (or will remain stuck on the spoon).

Dip Cotton Pad in Honey

If you dip a cotton pad in honey and light it, it should burn. If it doesn’t, the honey isn’t diluted with water but that doesn’t mean other substances aren’t added to it.

Use a Paper Towel

Put a drop of honey on a power towel. If it has water, it’ll absorb into the paper towel. Pure honey will not seep in.

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