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5 Health Benefits of Honey for Children

Wondering if honey is healthy for your kids?

Studies suggest that honey should never be given to children under the age of 1. It’s also not recommended for kids under 2 years old.

However, for ages 3 and above, honey can be a sweet nectar packed with nutrients that make your children healthier and stronger.

Is Grocery-Store Bought Honey Okay?

Grocery stores have a wide variety of honey that boast of being 100 percent pure, but it’s not the case. Commercially produced honey is often fake, contains pesticides, chemicals, additives, and is pasteurized. The only ingredient your honey should have is honey.

Once you’ve picked up raw wild honey from Natural Wild Honey, you can use it to sweeten your child’s taste buds.

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What Are The Benefits of Raw Honey for Children?

Here are some ways pure honey is great for your child:

A Great Source of Energy

Honey is a great source of long-lasting energy. It’s made up of sucrose, glucose, and fructose. While sucrose and glucose are used up quickly, fructose stays behind and gives steady energy to your child.

It’s Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Honey is full of necessary vitamins and minerals that growing children need. It also has amino acids, which make up proteins that help your children develop and grow.

It Protects Their Liver

Honey fights against diseases and protects the liver. It also reduces side effects of paracetamol,  (found in pain relievers like Panadol) which can induce liver damage. So, when you have to give your child paracetamol, you can also give them a spoon of honey.

Heals Wounds Faster

Honey also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that aid in wound healing while preventing infections. So, whenever your kid gets a scrape or a cut, clean the area and then apply honey on it to aid healing and soothe the skin.

Great for Sore Throats and Coughs

Honey is great for sore throats and coughs. Add a teaspoon and lemon to tea and give it to your child. It’ll immediately soothe their irritated throat and help with the cough.

Ways to Replace Sugar with Honey

Get rid of processed sugar that has little to no nutritional benefits and replace it with raw honey. Make sweet, healthy snacks for your children with wild honey now. Here are some ways to be creative:

  • Put it in oatmeal
  • Use it as a pancake syrup
  • Spread it on toast
  • Mix yogurt, honey, and berries
  • Make honey smoothie
  • Use it for baking

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